How to End Your Toxic Relationship to Food and Your Body For GOOD!

How to know if your relationship to food and your body needs work...  

You constantly feel the need to try another diet or reach a new health goal... You feel out of control around food and binge eat... You are sick and tired of being on a diet and restricting more food, only to binge later... You know that you are missing out on fun social activities, especially those that involve a swimsuit... You hate your body, feel disgusted and ashamed about how you look and don't know what else to do...  

How do I know this? Because I've been there too...  

Hi I'm Jaclyn. I went through much of my adolescence feeling unhappy with the way I looked, I tried every new fad diet under the sun. My apparent lack of willpower around food made me hate myself. I knew I had a problem when I found myself spoon deep in a jar of Nutella, at midnight, with chocolate on my face.  

It wasn't until I discovered that I would never get to where I wanted by following some ridiculous diet or work out until exhaustion. When I learned about intuitive eating my whole life changed. Food was no longer the enemy and I learned that willpower is BS. I learned how to take care of myself (no fancy bubble baths required, unless you want it) and learned how to tune into my emotions without eating a bag of chips (although chips are just fine in my book). My relationship to food improved and I was no longer scared to be left alone at home with a box of chocolates or a pint of ice cream. Within six to nine months, I discovered how to eat in a way that felt good to me, I learned how to trust myself and my body and ditched dieting and restrictive eating for good. I no longer feel the need to binge on foods and instead I am able to enjoy all the foods I want without the guilt.  

I graduated from the Institue of Holistic Nutrition in 2015 with honours and am now a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. Now I offer my programs to hundreds of women all over the world that want to stop feeling anxious around food, stop binge and emotional eating, and learn how to put themselves first.

Five Reasons That Dieting Doesn't Work!  

1. Dieting doesn't take into account an individuals needs, activity level or body type. 2. Dieting messes with your digestion and even your sleep, leading to more weight issues. 3. Dieting is highly stressful. Incresed stress levels lead to an increase in cortisol (known as our stress hormone), leading us to put on or maintain the weight we are trying to lose. 4. Dieting leads to restricitve eating patterns and subsequently our bodies enter starvation mode where we actually hold on to weight. This also leads to binge eating. 5. Dieting is not a long term solution, which leads to yo-yo dieting, more weight fluctuation and issues with your hormones, metabolism and blood sugar.

After years of doing things the conventional way and seeing women do the same, this is what I've seen:  

You are eating less, restricting more and more, all the while bingeing later on. You feel anxious when you are around food, as if you have no self control. You hate your body, constantly compare how you look (and eat) with everyone else. And you feel miserable while doing it. You have no idea how to like yourself, never mind love yourself. You eat as a way to cope with your feelings and/or binge eat and feel shame and embarrasment about it. You are stressed out and tired of constantly feeling like you are on a rollercoaster when it comes to food and cravings. By the end of the day, your "willpower" is completely shot and you cannot ignore your cravings for salt, chocolate and a glass (or three) of wine. You know that you have issues around food and body image but you have no idea where to start.

But it doesn't need to be this way, imagine this:  

You no longer study food and nutrition labels like it's your job and input your data into an app that tells you how many calories and macros you can eat that day. Say goodbye to your fitness and food apps, and that food scale FOREVER! You go in your closet and wear whatever the hell you want, not just the clothes that are reserved for PMS days because you are bloated or having a "fat day" where nothing fits. You rock your outfit as is and have the confidence to do so. You understand what your cravings mean, how to satisfy them successfully and deliciously and no longer fear foods or food groups like carbs or fat. You no longer feel anxious around food, out at a restaurant or workplace lunches because you know this doesn't serve you and stress has no business in your life or on your plate. You enjoy getting groceries and understand how nutrition can be a part of your life without obsession or rigidity. 

I have helped women to end this diet shame cycle and in the process regain their life. Have a look at the following testimonials to see what other women (just like you) are saying about my programs!  

What motivated you to try my program?  

"I have always been over weight all of my life and in the past I have tried so many different things (diets, nutrition advice from trainers, doctors, cookbooks etc.) but nothing ever worked. And I would feel like a failure or like I was weight-loss resistant and become hopeless and depressed. I hated myself. You are the first person that encouraged people to test out what works for them and try different foods and different methods. People need to be given “permission” from “experts/professionals” to do this. And you did it! I felt validated and encouraged by you. As a person who can easily overeat anything (even veggies and fruits) I have overcome almost all of my emotional eating." Heidi K.  

Would you reccomend this program to someone?  

"Yes, I would definitely recommend this program to someone because the content is not just about recipes you can google. The way you explain certain nutrition concepts like the order of eating/combining foods and fats helps make things clear about what is really good for you versus myths you hear in the industry. I can also see that you are very passionate and knowledgeable about nutrition. Your dedication and energy devoted to this topic really shines and when it is infectious it makes others want to join in on this journey." Carmen C.  

"For sure, in fact, I might have suggested it to a few already. There were several instances that I thought, “yes this is exactly what I need”, how did she know. I would tell people to just do it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, the program was so insightful that it blew me away." Cassandra W.  

"Yes, it may be difficult as a teenager to comprehend the importance of mindfulness or awareness but I would love them to get it now so they don’t have a couple of decades of mental torture." Susan M  

What positive changes have you noted since completing this program?  

"I am calmer, which is mind blowing because when we were starting this program I was dealing with almost crippling anxiety. I feel I am stronger and more able to make better choices for my body, be it choosing better foods or prioritizing sleep." Cassandra W.  

"I feel like I want to take care of myself better. Not make myself thin, not fit into whatever “goal pants” I have deemed acceptable, just taking care of myself. Be prepared to do the work. Don’t brush over the mental aspect, it is just as important as what’s on your meal plan. It is worth the introspection to start to put yourself on the true path of wellness. I truly feel much less mental chatter about weight. I care less about it and care much more about my overall health picture." Susan M.  

"I feel empowered to listen to my body and learn from my body. If I listen, I it will tell me what I need. I have learned that I don’t have to restrict myself to get results and that real food can be so delicious and satisfying. It becomes the preferred way of eating. Lastly, ditching the diet mentality is really about breaking so many misconceptions about what is needed to eat and live healthy. It’s not even about restriction but consciously choosing to treat my body and mind better so that I’m nourishing it and not just simply filling it." Heidi K.  

"My skin feels and looks better, I have more energy and the knowledge that I have gained have been passed on to my husband and children and they have been looking at their health in a different way as well now." Lisa V.  

"A positive change that I have noted is that I am more motivated to eat healthy, and overall more aware of what I am eating and how I feel." Elena B.  

"I really enjoy planning my meals for the week. Since my boyfriend and I alternate weeks cooking I enjoy having full autonomy to cook what I want and follow some of these recipes that I want to try. This has made me happier because it gives me a goal and also seeing that my boyfriend enjoys these recipes with me makes me feel supported and loved." Carmen C.  

What specific features did you like about the program?  

"I like the mindset info. I feel like I’ve read everything on this subject but I would always brush over that part. Just wanting to get to the heart of the program. I realize now, this is the heart of the program and the solution to approving of myself." Susan M.

As a Holistic Nutritionist and the founder of Holistic Foodie, I teach women how they can quit yo-yo dieting, strengthen their relationship to food and themselves and gain confidence in the kitchen and beyond. Healing my relationship with food has given me more freedom than I could ever imagine and I want the same thing for you.  

Which is why I am happy to introduce:

be nourished: A 12-Week Intuitive Eating Program

Normal price: $397 

Your price: $247


What is this twelve week program all about?  

I created be nourished as a way for women to change the way they look at food by putting an end to fad diets, emotional and binge eating and a lack of self care. We are going to focus on eight core principles that are ESSENTIAL to understanding how your body works best without ever counting calories again! So we can end the war on food and heal our relationship to it.  

But why is this going to work when so many other programs failed me in the past?  

be nourished is all about understanding how to make peace with food and your body once and for all. This is NOT just another diet program in any way, shape or form!  

As we progress throughout the twelve weeks, you will learn and implement key strategies that are going to get you the results you want.  

Before we even begin, you will determine your specific health and wellness goals with my guidance. Everything in the program is there to help you succeed. I am always just an email or message away.  

Then each week, you will receive access to a new module along with a weekly challenge to help hold you accountable to your goals. You will also receive recipe ideas, movement tips and a weekly intention to help you learn how to honour your body in a way that feels good for you.  

You will have my support throughout the 12 weeks via email whenever you need it.


Here is exactly what will be covered throughout the be nourished program:  

Module One: Finding Balance with Food: Understand how diet culture works to keep you and your body at war with eachother. Learn how and why pseudo dieting works and how to identify it and stop doing it. What does balanced eating look like and how to create it. Discover how dieting has impacted your life in various ways, and learn how to let go of the dieting dream once and for all.  

Module Two: Finding Balance with Weight and Lifestyle: Learn how to stop weighing yourself and tying your self worth to your dress size, accepting your body as is (yup, this is possible and no it doesn't mean you have given up!). Learn how to show your body respect and why this is key to changing your relationship to your body and food. Learn my top tips for creating a lifestyle that works for you, no matter what situation you are in. 

Module Three: Cultivating Compassion: Self Love and Emotional Eating: Learn how to cope with your emotions without using food. Learn how to enjoy food again without the guilt (and why this is so important on your healing journey). Learn what the most common reasons are for eating emotionally and how to deal with it effectively. How self love can change the way you look at yourself and your relationship to food and the powerful tools I used to help me learn to finally love myself.  

Module Four: Sleep, Stress and Self-Care: Learn why sleep is so important (for mental and hormonal health) and how to improve it, naturally. Learn how to manage stress before it takes over your life by creating a simple and effective self-care routine. Learn how to make positive affirmations work for you and complete your own tech detox so that you can feel recharged and sleep better.  

Module Five: Mindfulness and Motivation: Learn how to create more mindfulness in your life and why this is key to ending binge and emotional eating. Discover what routine works best for your lifestyle and commit to making small changes that will lead to big results. Plus learn simple tips and strategies to stay motivated when making changes and how to incorporate movement into your life in a way that feels good in your body.  

Module Six: All About Digestion and Gut Health: One of the most important aspects of nutrition that is fundamental to discovering how food makes you feel. You are going to learn about the digestive process, where I will break down (pun intended) how food is digested, simple tips to improve digestion, what causes bloating and supplements that can help with digestion. You will also gain a deeper understanding of the brain-gut connection and how (and why) to improve the health of your gut.  

Module Seven: Blood Sugar Balance: Learn why and how to keep our bodies in balance to avoid the up and down rollercoaster of blood sugar imbalance. Learn how to build your plate in an optimal way to nourish yourself without strict rules or deprivation. Learn how blood sugar affects your hormones (and can make you feel crazy) and what to do to keep them in check.  

Module Eight: The Truth About Calories and Choosing Foods For Fuel: Learn why tracking calories is not the answer and how macros affect your body and metabolism (no tracking required here either). Learn about bio-individuality and why one diet DOES NOT fit all. Plus, you'll learn how to skim a nutrition label and identify if a food is indeed health promoting or not. Learn how to make nutrition a part of your life in a healthy, sustainable and non-obsessive way.  

Please note there are specified breaks in between certain modules to allow for implementation and discussion. This ensures that you are giving your body the time it needs to adjust before diving into the next set of modules. 


Then the Be Nourished program is the one for you!

Normal price: $397  

Your price: $247  


Q: What kinds of foods am I going to be eating?  

A: All kinds of food! Mainly, whole foods, such as whole grains (quinoa, brown rice, oatmeal), proteins (chicken, fish, lamb, beef, eggs, chickpeas, tempeh, tofu, beans, leumes) and various veggies and fruits.  

Q: Will I lose weight on this plan?  

A: This isn't a weight loss program, however weight loss may occur due to the nature of the program, the food and the modules that are covered. This is a lifestyle program rather than a weight loss one. If there is weight to lose, then weight loss may occur. It is my hope to move past seeing weight as the issue and rather focus on health promotion, lifestyle changes and wellness without obsession. 

Q: Will I need to spend hours prepping or making food?  

A: Most of the breakfast options are easily prepared at night to go in the morning, similar to the lunches. The dinners can be made in about 45 minutes or less.  

Q: How much time will I need to devote to this program?  

A: To read through the material and fill out the worksheets, you will need to spend approximately 45-60 minutes each week. Beyond this, regular meal prep and cooking will take place each week. It may take you longer to read through and complete the worksheets, it depends on how much time you want to give to it. I suggest finding the time to complete the work. Each week you receive access to the content as you progress throughout the program. You have access for life once you purchase!  

Q: Will I have to spend a lot of money on special foods or appliances?  

A: There are a few pantry staples that I do incorporate in many of my recipes. You will be given plenty of options to incude them or not, although I do encourage you to try new items. Most of these items can be found at well stocked grocery stores and health food stores or even online. As for appliances, smoothies taste best when they are well blended, so a high powered blender is recommended, although not absolutely necssary. A food processor is also a good tool to have for many of these recipes, but can also be prepared in a blender as well. 

About Holistic Foodie:  

Toronto based Holistic Nutritionist, Jaclyn Irwin, aims to help women end years of yo-yo dieting and develop a healthier relationship with food. As founder of Holistic Foodie, a food and lifestyle website filled with delicious and nutritious recipes, realistic and practical plans and green beauty inspiration, she is creating a space for women to discover their inner holistic foodie.