Free Guide And Workbook:

How to Beat the Binge, Banish Emotional Eating and Find Food Freedom Forever

Complicated relationship to food? I get it!

For years, I didn't understand the link between my emotions and my eating patterns. I was disconnected from my body and had NO IDEA why I felt like I had no control around food. 

In this FREE guide and workbook, I am breaking it all down for you, so you can stop feeling crazy around food. 

In this FREE Guide, you'll learn:

- The myths that the dieting industry has fed you for YEARS.

- Understand why you binge on foods and what to do about it.

- What is keeping you from repairing your relationship to food.

- How to trust yourself around food once and for all.

- A workbook to help you identify the triggers for emotional eating.

- An emotional eating exercise that you can do the next time you find yourself eating in a way that feels out of control.

- An emotional eating checklist to help you get to the root of the problem.


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